A water quality monitoring station sits just above the water


The ACE Basin Reserve serves as a living laboratory for biologists to study water quality, marsh health, fish, crustaceans, sea turtles and birds, among many other research areas.


A biologist studies a piece of vegetation in the marsh

Along with a number of partners, we conduct studies to better understand fish and bird populations, shoreline change and impacts to coastal habitats.


Researchers aboard a boat setting up monitoring equipment

We monitor weather, water quality and marsh health across the Reserve to document short-term variability and long-term changes in the estuary.

Habitat Mapping

An example map of Big Bay Creek showing land cover such as spartina marsh and sand flats as well as man-made infrastucture like porewater wells.

We develop maps to better understand the relationships between habitat and both man-made and natural environmental stressors.

Data for Bennet's Point showing temperature, barometric pressure and more.

View water and weather data from the ACE

The water and weather data collected at our research sites over recent decades is publicly available and free to use online.

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Clemson student researchers gathered around after completing work on a Living Shoreline

Interested in conducting research in the ACE Basin?

The ACE Basin Reserve provides an ideal platform for outside researchers to work in large expanses of relatively undeveloped coastal ecosystems.

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