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Community Resilience

U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit Southeast

A preview of the homepage for the US Climate Resilience Toolkit

A summary of climate impacts in the Southeast, as well as a collection of climate-focused case studies, tools, reports and training for the region.

South Carolina LID Manual

Front cover of the Low Impact Development manual for South Carolina

A detailed guide teaching ways to create a sustaibable neighborhood. Learn about how to use permeable pavements, rainwater harvesting, greenroofs, and more.

Green Infrastructure Effectiveness Database

Preview of the search page for the Green Infrastructure Effectiveness database

An entire database of resources to help you reduce the impacts of coastal hazards, such as hurricane erosion and sea level rise, through green instrastructure.

Communication and Process Skills

Building Risk Communication Skills

NOAA document preview beginning with Questions to ask and what to listen for

A resource to help you gather information on how flooding, storms, and other risks affect your community.

Rock Your Virtual Presentation

A worker using a laptop

Do you need to communicate research, regulations, or other complex topics via virtual presentations? This two-part course is for scientists and agency or municipal staff who want to knock their next outreach webinar, virtual conference or online meeting presentation out of the park. The CTP will also host this training once a year with registration open to any SC coastal decision maker.

Techniques for Facilitating Virtual Meetings

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Planning a virtual meeting? This document, developed by NOAA, will walk you through strategies that work well and help you attain your meeting objectives.

Funding and Financing

How to Design a Compelling Grant Proposal and Presentation

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This training was recorded on January 31, 2023 and goes over key basics for writing grant proposals and creating accompanying presentations.

Funding Opportunities with SC Office of Resilience

A preview of the Funding opportunity video-

The SC Office of Resilience has several funding opportunities available, as well as some expert advice on how to find and secure funding. This webinar was recorded on April 18, 2023.

Funding and Financing Coastal Resilience Webinars & Resources

A preview of the Funding and Financing Coastal Resilience Webinars-

Created by NOAA, this series builds foundational knowledge about funding and financing approaches used to support coastal resilience activities. Learn from experts, who will demystify this complex topic by sharing traditional and emerging approaches, project examples, and lessons learned, and by answering your questions.

Habitat Conservation

Living Shorelines Regulations and Research Training Materials

A preview of the living shorelines training documents

Recording of training hosted on 4/5/2022 and all supporting materials.

Coastal Wetland Buffers: Science and Design Considerations

A preview of the wetlands training recording

Watch a recording of training hosted on February 4, 2021 to understand the science supporting wetland buffer protections. Webinar starts at 28:00 minutes.

Coastal Wetland Buffers: Putting Buffers into Practice

A preview of the wetlands training recording

Watch a recording of a training hosted March 3, 2021 for case studies showing how to put buffers into practice in your community.

What is a Wetland?

A preview the video What is a Wetland

This video is an introduction to the basic characteristics of wetlands in coastal SC: hydrology, hydric soils and hydrophytic vegetation.

Wetland Habitats of Coastal SC

A preview of the Wetland Habitats of Coastal SC youtube video

This video is an overview of the wetland habitats of coastal South Carolina.

Water Quality

Stormwater Pond Management

A preview of Clemson University's Stormwater Pond Management webpage

A collection of resources to help you maintain a healthy stormwater pond and solve common problems.