A water quality monitoring station sits just above the water

Habitat Mapping

ACE Basin Reserve researchers work to develop high-resolution maps of various habitats with a goal of understanding the relationships between habitat distributions and both man-made and naturally occurring environmental stressors.

A map of Big Bay Creek near Edisto Beach showing SCDNR SET stations, porewater wells, and New Deep Rod sets in areas of spartina marsh and sand flats.

Every plant and animal species has habitat preferences and requirements. Understanding where these habitats are and what they're composed of is critical to understanding populations, particularly for endangered/threatened species and sensitive plant communities. Bald eagles, for example, search for a particular type of tree canopy that can provide a suitable platform for their large nests as well as ready access to their prey (most commonly fish). Thus, they're often seen nesting in the tops of tall, craggy pines along waterways.

Some of our habitat maps are available for download at the link below.

Download Available Maps