Coastal Birds in South Carolina - Research & Resources

The SCDNR Seabird and Shorebird program conducts management, monitoring, and participates in research projects in the state. Some of these include:



Partners and Additional Resources

The SCDNR Seabird and Shorebird program partners with federal, state, nonprofit, and research organizations. We would like to acknowledge and thank our partners.

Thanks to the US Fish & Wildlife Service South Carolina Field Office especially Melissa Bimbi for Red Knot and Piping Plover projects.

Dr. Patrick Jodice of Clemson University has collaborated with SCDNR in addressing research needs for shorebird and seabird monitoring in South Carolina. His students have been instrumental in the development of our program.

We thank National Audubon and Audubon South Carolina for assisting SCDNR in posting nesting areas and stewardship activities.

International Wader Study Group This network of amateur and professionals are dedicated to shorebird conservation and publishes the Wader Study Group Bulletin of shorebird research around the world.

Florida Shorebird Alliance An excellent resource for information and materials on Florida's shorebirds and seabirds.

American Oystercatcher Working Group Promotes conservation of American Oystercatchers and their habitat through research and management.

All About Birds The Cornell Lab of Ornithology provides excellent species accounts for all birds.