Coastal Birds in South Carolina

Viewing Opportunities

Human disturbance can be detrimental to seabirds and shorebirds. Please avoid flushing birds from areas where they are nesting above the high tide line or in sand dunes. Avoid flushing flocks of birds foraging or resting in the intertidal zone. Disturbances can cause birds to use more energy and may make it difficult for birds to eat enough food to maintain healthy body condition and/or to raise their young.

There are several locations in South Carolina where the public can view wildlife. Located at the mouth of Shem Creek in Charleston Harbor, Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary offers great views of a several species of nesting seabirds in the summer. After Crab Bank was established as a Seabird Sanctuary in 2006, seabird numbers increased and pelicans, terns and skimmers began nesting at the edges of the island. Boaters and kayakers can observe these species from a distance in the spring and summer months.

Recently, a webcam was deployed at Crab Bank to show views of the island's Brown Pelican colony. Video is currently under maintenance, but should be back up soon.

The Carolina Birding Club maintains a list of places to view birds in South Carolina.

Photographers are reminded to respect closed areas and not to interfere with wildlife in order to obtain that "perfect" picture. We encourage all photographers to act ethically and uphold the code of birding ethics set by the American Birding Association.