WMC Tours and Speakers

WMC schedules tours upon request when staff has time available to assist guests. Because of its location near a popular resort area, several thousand tourists from across the country are introduced to the concepts and practices of aquaculture at the WMC. The WMC biologists speak to more than 3,000 guests, clubs members and students each year.

Tour group at the Waddell Mariculture Center

The Center also has a strong technology transfer program, which is integrated with the state agriculture extension services. Personalized assistance is available within the state. Assistance ranges from site selection and general business plan development to daily management recommendations, help with harvesting ideas, and marketing suggestions.

The commercial aquaculture scene in South Carolina has changed over the past two decades especially as it pertains to maintaining biosecurity and adapting to new production technology. WMC constantly shifts its focus in response to both immediate industry concerns and the need to create new business opportunities for the future. Fortunately, the challenges are as fresh now as they did ten years ago.