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Downloadable resources below are in the PDF format.

Aquatic A to Z Coloring Book

Anadromous fish activity

Bear Pamphlet

Blackwater River of South Carolina: An interactive guide to the Blackwater River ecosystem

Also check out the education guide.

Crinkle Can Fish Craft

Decorative Hanging Fish Craft

Exploring South Carolina's Outdoors with SCDNR.

Bilingual Coloring Book

SCDNR Logo coloring page

First Fish Certificate

Mi Primer Pez

Fish Anatomy Activity

Fish Anatomy worksheet

Fish Lips: A Study of Fish Adaptations

Fun with Fish and Wildlife Activity Book

Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Printing)

How low can you go? Secchi Disks and Water Clarity

Hurricane Tracking Chart

SC Fishes of Concern coloring book

Trout in the Classroom Guide for South Carolina Schools

For more information about Trout in the Classroom visit our website.

Wildlife Management Activity Book

What is wrong with this picture? Find 7 ways Aquatic Exotics are spread

South Carolina Hunting and Fishing Regulations (2019-2020)

Contains information on license requirements, fresh and saltwater fishing regulations, hunting regulations, boating, Special SCDNR hunts, point and suspensions systems, SCDNR education and outreach programs, general applications, and sunrise/sunset times.

Managing Ponds for Recreational Fishing

This publication provides South Carolina pond owners with guidance to increase their pond’s potential to produce quality fishing year after year.

Wildlife Management Guides

These guides provide information on habitat requirements, standard management practices, improving habitat, and other species that benefit from management of the species listed below.

Wildlife Management Guide: Black Bear

Wildlife Management Guide: Bobwhite Quail

Wildlife Management Guide: Eastern Gray Squirrel

Wildlife Management Guide: Raccoon

Wildlife Management Guide: Snags and Downed Logs

This guide provides information on the importance of snags and downed logs and standard management practices.

Wildlife Management Guide: Songbirds

Wildlife Management Guide: Wild Turkey

Deer Hunters Guide for Aging and Jawbone Removal

This brochure describes the technique for removing and labeling deer mandibles (jawbones) to age and determine health for deer management.

Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

Made for those who are new to fishing or just looking to improve their skills, this guide discusses several styles of fishing, types of rods, reels, knots, baits, lures, freshwater fish, and aquatic habitats.

Certified Fishing Instructor Brochure

Information about how to become a certified volunteer to teach fishing clinics.

Two sided fish chart; South Carolina freshwater and saltwater fish.

This double sided mini poster has pictures of salt and freshwater fish species that inhabit South Carolina.

Largemouth Bass Anatomy

This poster describes the anatomy of a largemouth bass.

Life Stages of the Rainbow Trout

This poster describes the life stages of rainbow trout.

Marine Game Fish Tag and Release Guide

This guide includes information on the SCDNR tagging program, tagging equipment, handling, tagging, and data reporting.

SCDNR State Lakes

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources State Lakes Program is designed to provide fishing to the public in areas of the state where the opportunity is lacking or where there are few public fishing lakes. This program provides over 1,500 acres of public fishing in South Carolina.

State Lakes information is also available online.

South Carolina's Guide to Saltwater Fishes

This identification guide provides a quick reference for marine fish that are most often encountered by South Carolina Saltwater sport anglers.

South Carolina's Guide to Freshwater Fishes

This identification guide provides a quick reference for freshwater fish that are most often encountered by South Carolina anglers.

South Carolina Freshwater Fishes mini poster

This double sided mini poster has pictures of freshwater fish species that inhabit South Carolina.

South Carolina Freshwater Fishes in Spanish

State of South Carolina's Coastal Resources

State of the Resource: Black Sea Bass Update (2007)

State of the Resource: Blue Crab (2007)

State of the Resource: Loggerhead Sea Turtle (2009)

State of the Resource: Shrimp (2007)

State of the Resource: Seatrout (2007)

State of the Resource: Red Porgy (2007)

State of the Resource: Vermilion Snapper

Trout Book

This publication provides information on trout fishing in South Carolina, trout species, trout fishing methods, flies, lures, access areas, managed streams, and responsibility as a sportsman.

Trout Life cycle poster

Blackwater River Education Guide

This guide includes information on Blackwater rivers and information animals that inhabitant them. Also check out the interactive guide.

Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of South Carolina

This guide is intended to assist scientists and amateur naturalists with the identification of freshwater mussels in the field.

Furbearers of South Carolina

Poster of furbearer species in South Carolina.

Quail Rearing Habitat

This brochure is about quail rearing habitat and its management practices.

Sea Science: Sea Turtles

South Carolina’s Furbearers

This publication is about furbearer species in South Carolina, including habitat, feeding habits, breeding, controlling factors, and status.

Venomous Snakes of South Carolina

This poster provides general information on venomous snakes and species of venomous snakes found in South Carolina.

Workbook and Key to the Freshwater Bivalves of South Carolina

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