Procurement Services

Vendor Registration

How to get started

You must have a valid State Vendor Number in order to do business with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR). To obtain a State Vendor Number, visit the South Carolina Procurement Information Center website and select “New Vendor Registration”. To determine if your business is already registered, select “Vendor Search”. After completing the registration process, you will be assigned a State Vendor Number, as well as a User ID and Password that will allow you submit online bids and update your vendor information. Vendors must keep their vendor information current. If you are already registered, you can update your information by selecting “Update/View Existing Vendor Registration”. Direct links to each of these web pages are listed below.

Online Bidding

Once you have completed the vendor registration process, you’ll be assigned a User ID and Password. With the User ID and Password, you can submit online bids for DNR solicitations at the following website:

Electronic Vendor Payments

If you would like to have payments directly deposited to a bank account rather than having a check issued to your company, you are encouraged to sign up for electronic vendor payments through the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office. For more information on electronic payments, please view the document below.

State of South Carolina Electronic Vendor Payments