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Potentially confusing WMAs or other Areas in regards to alligator hunting

Areas that are NOT open to alligator hunting

  • Hatchery WMA within Lake Moultrie.
  • Potato Creek Hatchery Waterfowl Area adjacent to Lake Marion.
  • Stony Bay in Sandy Beach Waterfowl Area.
  • Any North Dike WMA Borrow Pits accessed by canal or ditch via Lake Moultrie.
  • Any portion of Yawkey Wildlife Center accessible from a waterway, ditch, or canal. This includes Mosquito, Beach, and Bird Bank Creeks.
  • National Wildlife Refuges, many of which that have navigable waters within their boundaries.
  • Goose Creek Reservoir is owned by the city of Hanahan and is closed to public alligator hunting.

Use caution, stay in the main part of the river

  • Great Pee Dee River next to Woodbury WMA .
  • Adjacent to Yawkey Wildlife Center - stay in the main river (North Santee Bay) and the Intracoastal Waterway. Any creeks, canals or ditches entering the Yawkey Wildlife Center (Cat Island, South Island, and portions of North Island) are closed to hunting.

Areas that are open to alligator hunting

  • Borrow pit area adjacent to Santee Dam WMA.
  • Lake areas surrounding Santee Cooper WMA outside of any signs, buoys or markers.
  • Lake areas surrounding Hickory Top WMA.
  • Lake areas surrounding Moultrie Hunt Unit WMA .
  • Portions of the Rediversion Canal legally accessible by boat through Canal WMA. Portions of this waterway are blocked for security reasons. Under no circumstances should you enter any prohibited areas.