Photos from the

Taxonomic Workshop on the Identification of Decapod Crustacea from the Atlantic Coast of the Southeastern United States

held January 21-23, 2004

Workshop Summary: This workshop served to train advanced students, educators, and scientists in the systematics and identification of decapods of the Southeastern United States. Emphasis was placed on diagnostic morphological characteristics and the use of keys.

Dr. Darryl Felder (University of Louisiana)
Dr. Richard Heard (University of Southern Mississippi)
Dr. Elizabeth Wenner (Marine Resources Research Institute, SCDNR)

Workshop support provided by:
Dr. Rachael King
David Knott
Susan Thornton-DeVictor

Location: Marine Resources Research Institute of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources at Ft. Johnson, near Charleston, SC.

Participants of the 2004 SERTC Taxonomic Workshop on the Decapod Crustacea of the Atlantic Coast of the Southeastern United States (after a day on the rough, cold seas!)


Dr. Darryl Felder gives some pointers to workshop participants (photo by Jana Thoma/USM).


Dr. Richard Heard discusses the different parasites of decapods.


Dr. Betty Wenner helps the class view morphological characteristics of decapods.


A close up image of the spoon-shaped setae of the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator (photo by Jana Thoma/USM).


Participants JD Dubick and Dale Tshudy prepare to dissect a penaeid shrimp.


The participants continue to work long hours into the afternoon.


Betty Wenner assists students with their identifications.




Pearse Webster uses the video monitor to display decapod characteristics.


Dr. Richard Heard assisting students (photo by Jana Thoma/USM).


Participants board the R/V Anita for "3 hour tour".


Aboard the E/V Discovery in the Ashley River, David Knott and Marty Levisen haul in the first trawl.


The participants sort though the trawl for decapods to use for the practical session later on that afternoon, after some warm coffee!