Services provided by SERTC

Identification of marine invertebrate specimens

The staff of the SERTC is proficient in the identification of shallow water (<200 m) marine and estuarine invertebrates from the state of South Carolina and the entire South Atlantic Bight Region (encompassing the area between Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and Cape Canaveral, Florida). The sorting and identification (to the lowest practical level) of specimens are two of the services provided by the SERTC. Fees are based on the complexities of the samples.

Assistance with general enquiries

The SERTC staff is able to assist with general and smaller, species-specific enquiries regarding regional marine and estuarine invertebrates of the South Atlantic Bight. Members of the press as well as the interested public are encouraged to email any questions to and staff will attempt to respond as soon as it is possible.

Permission to use SERTC images

The SERTC maintains an excellent photo gallery of marine and estuarine invertebrates that are available for publication use with permission.

Specimen loans and donations

The Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center regularly accepts donations of specimens and reprints for our collections. We also may loan specimens to scientists on an individual basis for research purposes (including morphological analyses, molecular analyses etc.). If you would like to inquire about the availability of a certain specimen or would like to donate a specimen to SERTC, please contact:

We are also available for :

  • Visiting scientists
  • Collaborations

    Contact SERTC staff ( or 843-953-9098) for more information on identification, enquiries, image use, specimen loans and donations, or other services.