Photo Gallery

Below are images of collected fauna from the South Atlantic Bight. Roll mouse over image for caption and click on image for larger view (images may take a moment to load....)

Non-Crustacean Arthropods

Chelicerates (sea spiders and horseshoe crabs)
Pycnogonid from offshore South Carolina shelf edge, 2003 Ocean Explorer Cruise (photo by Jerry McLelland) Nymphopsis duodorsospinosa (sea spider) Anaplodactylus lentus  (sea spider) on hydroid, offshore Charleston, SC pseudoscorpion from intertidal oyster reef, Charleston, SC Limulus polyphemus (horseshoe crab) from Harbor Island, South Carolina (photo by Philip Jones)

Anurida maritima (oyster springtail) from intertidal oyster reef, Charleston, SC

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Unless otherwise indicated in caption, photographs were taken by SERTC staff (Susan Thornton-DeVictor, David Knott, Rachael King, Dany Burgess).