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Below are images of collected fauna from the South Atlantic Bight. Roll mouse over image for caption and click on image for larger view (images may take a moment to load....)

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Aplacophorans (solenogasters)
deep water aplacophoran (solenogaster) from offshore Georgia, OE 2004 ETTA cruise

Polyplacophorans (chitons)
Chaetopleura apiculata (chiton) from Charleston Harbor

Gastropods (snails and slugs)
Perotrochus quoyanus insularis (slitshell) from Charleston Bump, 2003 Ocean Explorer Cruise Bayerotrochus midas (slitshell) from deep water cliff, offshore Georgia, OE 2004 ETTA cruise Calliostoma torrei (topsnail) from offshore St. Augustine, FL, OE 2004 ETTA cruise (photo by M. G. Harasewych, Smithsonian Institution) Simnialena uniplicata (one-tooth simnia) associated with octocoral Leptogorgia hebes, offshore Charleston, SC Simnialena uniplicata (single-tooth simnia) feeding on Leptogorgia virgulata (sea whip), Sullivan's Island tidal creek, SC Oliva sayana (lettered olive) from off Sapelo Island, Georgia Scaphella gouldiana from offshore Georgia, OE 2004 ETTA cruise the pulmonate snail Creedonia succinea from an oyster reef near Charleston Ficus communis (Atlantic figsnail) from  off Edisto Island, South Carolina young Cymatium parthenopium (giant triton) from off Charleston Harbor, South Carolina Cymatium parthenopium (giant triton) from off Charleston Harbor, South Com Charleston Bump (2003 Ocean Explorer Cruise) Astyris lunata (lunar dovesnail) from Charleston Harbor oyster reef Echinolittorina placida from Morris Island jetty, Charleston Harbor, SC Urosalpinx cinerea (Atlantic oyster drill) from Charleston Harbor oyster reef  juvenile Urosalpinx sp.  (oyster drill) from Morris Island, Charleston Harbor, SC an unidentified wentletrap, Epitonium sp. Phalium granulatum (Scotch bonnet) from off Folly Island, SC Haustellum rubidum (rose murex)  from off St. Helena Island, South Carolina Haustellum cabritii (Cabrit's murex) from off St. Helena Island, SC Neverita duplicata (moonsnail) collected from intertidal beach on Morris Island, SC Atlantic slippersnail Crepidula fornicata from off St. Catherine's Island, GA keyhole limpet from Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary Cratena pilata collected from intertidal beach on Morris Island, SC Doris verrucosa (sponge slug) from off Sapelo Island, GA Tamja oliva (?) from offshore South Carolina shelf edge, 2003 Ocean Explorer Cruise (photo by Jerry McLelland) Sea slug Tritonia bayeri (unidentified subspecies) from offshore Charleston, South Carolina Aplysia brasiliana (mottled seahare) from offshore Florida Scyllaea pelagica (sargassum nudibranch) from offshore Charleston, SC

Bivalves (clams, oysters, scallops)
Brachidontes exustus (scorched mussel) from intertidal oyster bed, Charleston, SC Geukensia demissa (ribbed mussel), intertidal oyster bed, Charleston Harbor, SC Atrina sp. (penshell) from offshore South Carolina Perna viridis (Asian green mussel) from St. Augustine, Florida Argopecten gibbus (Atlantic calico scallop) from offshore Georgia, OE 2004 ETTA cruiseArcinella cornuta (spiny jewel box) from offshore Charleston, SC Donax variabilis (variable coquina) from Folly Beach, SC Pteria colymbus (Atlantic wing oyster) from off St. Catherin'es Island, Georgia Macrocallista maculata (Calico clam) from Edisto Island, South Carolina

Cephalopods (squid, octopi)
squid from offshore South Carolina planktonic squid from offshore Florida, OE 2004 ETTA cruise octopus from offshore South Carolina Octopus from offshore Savannah, Georgia egg case of female Argonauta sp., from offshore Charleston, SC

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Unless otherwise indicated in caption, photographs were taken by SERTC staff (Dany Burgess, Susan Thornton-DeVictor, David Knott, Rachael King).