Your SCDNR Customer Identification Number

If you have purchased a hunting or fishing license or registered for a lottery hunt in the last several years you should have a SCDNR Customer ID Number. This number is automatically generated when you enter all of your personal information in our system. Once you have a customer id you should retain this number and use it in the future for purchasing a hunting/fishing license, permit, tag, entering a lottery hunt or conducting any other business with SCDNR. Having a customer id number protects your information and keeps you from having to reenter or display all of your personally identifiable information.

If you are unable to locate your customer id number or can’t pull up your customer record, contact SCDNR Licensing at (803) 734-3833, M-F 8:30 am – 4:50 pm. If you have a customer id number and are unable to find your customer information in our system and choose to reenter all of your personal information again, this will create a new customer profile with a different customer id number. Creating another customer profile will affect your ability to access your customer record in the future and could affect your lottery preference points.

SCDNR Issued License

The license below has been issued from a SCDNR office.

Location of Customer Identification Number

Your customer identification number is located in the lower left hand corner of your license.

Vendor Issued License

The license below has been issued from a local license vendor.

Vendor Issued License

Your Customer Identification Number is the second underlined field on the receipt.