Lake Paul Wallace

Lake Paul Wallace is a 300-acre fertilized lake providing bluegill, shell-cracker, and catfish fishing. Currently, there is no allowable harvest of largemouth bass. The fishing side of the lake is open to boats with motors 10 horsepower or less only. The boating side of the lake (west of the earthen dike which separates the two sides) allows for boats and waterskiing. Note that all boat traffic must follow a counter-clockwise route of travel. Adjacent to the lake is a diversion canal that also offers fishing, boating and water skiing. The lake offers a boat ramp, fishing pier, and picnic area.

General Information

Property Location: Bennettsville, SC 29512

Latitude: 34.641

Longitude: -79.676

Acreage: 300

County: Marlboro

Property Type: Public Fishing Lake

Hours of Operation:

This lake is open 24 hours a day for fishing. For all other allowed purposes the lake is open 1/2 before official sunrise to 1/2 hour after official sunset.


Take Highway 385 north from the Town of Bennettsville and the lake is on the left approximately a 1/2 mile out of town.