Public Lottery Hunts

The Public Lottery Hunts program works to provide quality hunting opportunities to the general public on managed lands. To apply for a lottery hunt, you need to first log into Go Outdoors SC. Hunters for SCDNR Public Lottery Hunts are chosen randomly through a computer-generated drawing based on preference points.

Lottery Hunt Information

Type of Hunt: Online Applications Available:
Alligator May 1 - June 15
Deer July 1 – August 15
Quail September 1 – October 15
Turkey and Youth Turkey Early January
Waterfowl and Youth Waterfowl September 1 – October 15

Lottery Hunt Details

Hunt Name Average number of preference
points for selection*
Alligator 3 to 4
Deer Multi-site 1 to 2
Deer Unrestricted Multi-site 0 to 1
Webb Gun (Deer) 3 to 4
Webb Archery (Deer) 3 to 4
Quail (McBee WMA) 2 to 3
Turkey Multi-site 2 to 3
Turkey Multi-site (Youth) 0 to 1
Waterfowl 2 to 3
Waterfowl (Youth) 1 to 2

These are the approximate number of preference points to be selected for a SCDNR lottery hunt and are no guarantee of selection. Actual hunter selection can vary depending on the number of sites and dates chosen and the popularity of the site and/or the type of lottery hunt.

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