Division Phone Numbers

| Executive Office | Land, Water & Conservation | Marine Resources |

| Law Enforcement | Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries

Executive Offices

Director Robert Boyles 803-734-4007
Chief of Staff Shannon Bobertz
General Counsel Susan Porter  
Legal Office Fax   803-734-3911
Audits Manager Vacant  
Director of Human Resources Eva Smith 803-734-4094
Human Resources Fax   803-734-6310
Director of Environmental Programs Lorianne Riggin 803-734-4199
CISO Tony D'Elia 803-734-0997
Executive Office Fax   803-734-9809
FERC Coordination Elizabeth Miller 843-953-3881

External Affairs
Chief External Affairs Officer Kevin Ryan 803-528-9350
Director of Strategic Communications Amanda Stroud 803-734-0256
Director of Government Affairs Duncan Crotwell 803-667-8979
Director of Constituent Services Valerie Shannon 803-734-0732
Camp Wildwood Coordinator Dan DuPré 803-609-1072
Publications Coordinator Jessica Elmore 803-734-2510
Community Engagement Manager Alix Pedraza 803-734-9885
Media Contact Greg Lucas 864-380-5201
Media Contact Stephen Fastenau 803-240-4385
Palmetto Sportsmen's Classic Dan DuPré 803-734-4008
South Carolina Wildlife Magazine    
Editor Joey Frazier 803-734-3967
Subscriptions   1-800-678-7227
Video Productions Manager Danielle Kent 803-622-1971

Budget and Finance
Chief Budget and Finance Officer Scott Speares 803-734-3624
Assistant Budget Director Caleb-Scott Cohoon  
Business & Finance Director Aimee Shumpert 803-734-0899
Account Payable / Receivable Jessica Shealy 803-734-9129
Business Manager (Division) Elizabeth Bradley 803-734-0049
Boating Access / Engineering Andrew Wicker 803-734-4009
Grants Administration   803-734-3992
Procurement Manager Travis Guess 803-734-3984
Business & Finance Fax   803-734-5973

Operations and Customer Service
Chief Operations Officer David Tarrant  
Technology Development Director Mark Litz  
Boat Titling & Licensing Manager Julie Jarrett 1-803-734-4DNR(367)
Charleston Tony Reed 843-953-9030
Boat Titling Fax - Charleston   843-953-0191
Boat Titling Fax - Columbia   803-734-4138

Land, Water and Conservation Division

Divisional Information   803-734-3893
Deputy Director Ken Rentiers 803-734-9035
Aquatic Nuisance Species Program Manager Julie Holling 803-755-2836
Conservation Districts Program Manager Tyler Brown 803-734-6367
Flood Mitigation Program Manager Maria Cox Lamm 803-734-3672
Heritage Trust Program Manager Ken Rentiers 803-734-9035
Hydrology Program Manager Scott Harder 864-986-6254
State Climatologist Hope Mizzell 803-734-9568
State Geologist Scott Howard 803-896-7712
Land, Water and Conservation Fax   803-734-9200

Law Enforcement Division

Deputy Director COL Chisolm Frampton 803-734-4004
Assistant Deputy Director LTCOL Jamie Landrum 803-734-3607
Field Operations, Regions 1 - 3 MAJ Mike Isaacs 803-734-3607
Field Operations, Region 4 MAJ Gary Sullivan 803-734-3607
Staff Operations MAJ Billy Downer 803-734-3607
Region I Clemson Office CPT D.J. Riley 864-654-8266 ext 18
Region II Florence Office CPT Matt McCaskill 843-661-4766
Region III Columbia Office CPT John Bedingfield 803-755-1822
Region IV Charleston Office CPT Michael Paul Thomas 843-953-9307
Hunter/Boater Education CPT Steve Simpson 803-734-3900
Marine Law Enforcement Investigations MAJ Gary Sullivan 843-953-9378
National Archery in Schools Program SSGT. Phil Robertson 803-734-3900
Operation Game Thief CPT Lee E. Ellis 803-734-0022
Operation Property Watch & Coastal Watch 1st SGT Sidney Rainwater 843-616-4042
Scholastic Clay Target Sports SSGT. Scott Stephens 803-734-1339
Take One Make One FSGT. Ken Cope 803-734-3900
Law Enforcement Columbia Fax   803-734-3962
Law Enforcement Charleston Fax   843-953-9321
Law Enforcement Main Office   803-734-4002

Marine Resources Division

General Information   843-953-9300
Commercial Saltwater Licenses Angel Brown 843-953-9311
News - Media Coordinator Erin Weeks 843-953-9311

Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

General Information   803-734-3886
Deputy Director Emily Cope 803-734-3886
Assistant Deputy Director Ken Prosser 803-734-3914
Business Manager   803-734-8530
Chief of Fisheries Ross Self 803-734-3808
Assistant Chief of Fisheries Lynn Quattro 803-734-9094
Hatchery Coordinator Leo Rose 803-755-0966
Freshwater Fisheries Research Jim Bulak 803-353-8232
Aquatic Education Coordinator Vacant 803-737-8483
Chief of Wildlife Billy Dukes 803-734-3939
Assistant Chief of Wildlife Will Dillman 803-734-3938
Deer and Wild Turkey Project Charles Ruth 803-734-8738
Environmental Review Program Greg Mixon or
Lorianne Riggin
Furbearer Project Jay Butfiloski 803-734-4024
Small Game Program Michael W. Hook 803-734-3940
Bird Conservation Project Amy Tegeler 803-521-2119
Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Andrew Grosse  
Forester Gary Burger 803-734-3969
Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Fax   803-734-6020
State Wildlife Action Plan and State Wildlife Grants Coordinator,
Forest Legacy Coordinator
Anna Smith 843-214-0092