Mobility Impaired Vehicle Permit

The Mobility Impaired Vehicle Permit (MIVP) allows permanently physically disabled persons enhanced access to selected portions of DNR-owned Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). The Mobility Impaired Vehicle Permit is issued only for properties owned by DNR and only for access for activities that are appropriate uses of SCDNR properties listed in SCDNR Policy# 203.04 (PDF). Appropriate uses are hunting; fishing; wildlife or other natural resource observation; wildlife or other natural resource photography; environmental education; and environmental interpretation. Applicants with temporary disabilities are not eligible for MIVPs.

The MIVP allows:

The MIVP does not allow:


  1. Contact the Regional Wildlife Coordinator for the SCDNR Property you wish to access.
  2. Complete all information on the Mobility Impaired Vehicle Application (PDF).
  3. Have a license physician complete the Certification of Disability form (PDF).
  4. For questions or concerns regarding this application please contact the Chief of Wildlife at 803.734.3887.
  5. Mail completed application to the Regional Wildlife Coordinator.
  6. Upon approval of your application, your permit will be mailed to you from the Office of the Deputy Director, Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division.