NASP Team Fundraising

Message from Roy Grimes, CEO/President, NASP®Arrows

A common need of many NASP® schools and teams is a funding source to purchase replacement arrows, targets, bows, and supplies. Many NASP schools (44%) also have after-school programs and teams. Many of these teams need to generate travel funds to attend regional, state, national, and world NASP® tournaments. To date, we have had no effective means to solve this need.

Working with a vendor since February we can now offer a solution. View a flier which describes a promotional (PDF), 3D Decal designed specifically for NASP® fans and participants.

You can see there are two versions of the decal: "On Target for Life" and "Proud Parent of a NASP® Archer".

You can purchase these decals by the case (12) from the new NASP® store on our just launched new website Go to the "Gear" tab.

The school or team pays $12 for the decals ($144/dozen). Shipping is free, in the lower 48 states, if 2 or more cases are ordered. The decals sell for $19.95 ($20) each and the school keeps the $8 profit.

I have never put a decal or sticker on my personal vehicle….until now. I am proud to "wear" this new, 3D NASP® decal!

This project will benefit the school, team, NASP® equipment grants, and St. Judes Children Hospital.

View Fundrasing PDF flyer. The flyer is provided in the Adobe PDF file format. Adobe® Reader® is required to open the files and is available as a free download from the Adobe® Web site.