Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What is SC Archery in the Schools?

A physical education curriculum designed to teach International-style archery in 4th-12th grades. Students shoot at bullseye targets placed before an arrow resistant net in their gymnasium. The program also involves archery history, physical, emotional and safety strategies.

What benefit will this program have on my school?

In a survey conducted by Responsive Management® the teachers say:

How does my school get started?

A teacher, administrator or affiliated staff member must be certified. Contact the Department of Natural Resources Hunter/Boater Education section for information and the grants that are available.

How much does the program/equipment cost?

Training is free for teachers, administrators and affiliated staff of public and private schools. The equipment cost about $4800 but there are grants available to eligible schools.

I am a parent whose children are interested in the program. How do I get a program started at my school?

Parents should encourage their school's Physical Education teacher, Principle and/or local School Board to consider implementing the program. The program must be sponsored by school official; parents may assist by permission of the local school.

Bows and Arrow! How safe is this program really?

Safety is the top priority to NASP. There is currently a zero accident record since the beginning of the program in 2002. Students are required to strictly follow all safety and behavior rules. All NASP coaches attend training and maintain BAI certification.

Is this program recognized by the South Carolina Board of Education?

Yes, The NASP correlates with the SC Physical Education Assessment Program for Middle and High Schools. It also meets with four (4) of the movements required for Elementary Schools.

I would like to purchase Archery equipment for my child, where do I go in my area?

Visit your local Archery shop and outdoor sporting good stores. Visit our Sponsor tab/page to see local businesses and organizations that contribute to archery scholarships in South Carolina.