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July 16, 2014

Coastal Conservation Association helps DNR protect oysters

Oysters are essential to healthy coastal waters in South Carolina. They provide habitat for the fish we catch, filter our water, and protect our shorelines from erosion. Oysters are the staple of one of our most iconic social traditions: the oyster roast.

Over the last three years the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) has taken significant steps to ensure that future generations enjoy the benefits of healthy populations of oysters as we have. Showing great vision, theCCA and DNR CCA recognizes the keystone role of oysters and has chosen to invest in programs that protect and enhance South Carolina’s oysters.

Specifically, CCA has donated over $85,000 in equipment to enhance the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) efforts to recycle and plant oyster shell. Donated equipment includes a dump truck, several boats, and two trailers. In addition, CCA members have participated in DNR projects aimed at recycling oysters. CCA led the establishment of two new oyster-recycling locations located in Florence and Columbia. Working with DNR, CCA has deployed 15,765 bushels of oyster shell (23,707 bags) at 31 oyster reef restoration sites along South Carolina's coast since 2009.

DNR, CCA, and other partners convended at the Marine Resources Center on James Island on July 16 for a brief ceremony recognizing CCA for their role in stewardship of South Carolina’s natural resources and dedicating equipment donated by the Association.

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