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August 22, 2014

DNR, U.S. Forest Service to provide special youth dove hunt Sept. 6 in Union County

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the Enoree District of the U.S. Forest Service, will host a special youth dove hunt in Union County on Saturday, Sept. 6.

For questions on the youth dove hunt, or for more information, contact the Union office of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at (864) 427-5140 or contact the U.S. Forest Service Enoree Office at (864) 427-9858.

Young sportsmen and sportswomen who are interested in a quality dove hunt are encouraged to get their father, grandfather or any adult friend to bring them to the youth hunt at the U.S. Forest Service Herbert Field near Carlisle on Sept. 6. Adults accompanying youngsters at DNR youth dove hunts do not have to have a hunting license, WMA permit or Migratory Bird Permit.

The Sept. 6 youth dove hunt will be at the U.S. Forest Service Herbert Field about 5.6 miles southeast of the town of Carlisle. Only youth 17 years of age or younger will be allowed toDove hunt shoot, and youth must be accompanied by an adult 21 years or older. Adults must remain in the field and closely supervise participating youth at all times. An adult may only bring one or two youth, and only one youth hunter may be handling a loaded firearm at any given time.

Youth hunters under age 16 do not have to have a hunting license, WMA permit or migratory bird permit. Public hunting for adults will begin on the second Saturday of the season, which is Sept. 13.

Herbert Field is very large with about 40 acres planted in sunflowers, corn and browntop millet. The dove field plantings have done well this summer, and there is abundant food. Prospects are very good for quality dove hunting when the season opens in September. The field can safely accommodate a large number of young hunters, and all interested youth are encouraged to come and shoot doves at the Herbert Field near Carlisle on Sept. 6.

There is no cost, pre-registration or drawing required to attend this youth hunt or any hunt at a DNR public dove field this year. Just plan to wear drab colored clothing and bring sunscreen, insect repellant and drinking water and enjoy a traditional Saturday afternoon dove hunt. The same special regulations as in past years will apply to all youth hunts and at all other DNR public dove fields this year. These are as follows:

* Dove hunting on all public fields is “Afternoons Only.” No entry onto fields before noon.

* No shooting after 6 p.m. during the first segment of the season (Sept. 1– Oct. 4).

* Hunters are limited to 50 shells per hunt.

Specific directions to the U.S. Forest Service Herbert Field from the town of Carlisle (the intersection of SC Highway 215 and SC Highway 72 and Pinckney Street) are to go south on Pinckney Street which turns into Herbert Road (Secondary Road 37) for 5.6 miles; then turn right at the intersection of St. Luke’s Road (Secondary Road 359); parking area is under the power line off St. Luke’s Road.

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