Benefits of Prescribed Burning

  • Burned and unburned longleaf pine forest

  • 11 days after prescribed burn, Hitchcock Woods, Aiken County

    (Note: new green growth already emerging)

  • Longleaf Pine is highly adapted to fire

  • New growth emerges on young longleaf pine

  • Santee Coastal Reserve (Coastal Longleaf Pine Flatwoods), Charleston County

  • Brosnan Forest (Coastal Plain Longleaf Pine Flatwoods), Dorchester County

  • Stevens Creek HP (Piedmont Loblolly Pine Plantation), Edgefield County

What is Prescribed Burning?
How does Prescribed Burning differ from wildfire?
Why does DNR burn?
How does burning help reduce the risk of wildfire?
How does burning benefit wildlife and natural vegetation?
What happens if a property is not burned?
I have a property near my home that is in need of
burning, why has it not been done?
Where, when, and how much is burned each year by DNR?
Who does DNR partner with to burn?
How often is a piece of property burned?
How do you determine what to burn and when?
What do you hope to see on a plot of land after it
is burned? 1 year out? 5 years?

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