Flood Mitigation Assistance Grants

The FMA Grant Program is a FEMA grant that is managed by the SC Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR). The grant is funded through the National Flood Insurance Fund and its goal is to reduce flooding of property through mitigation, thereby, reducing flood insurance claims.

Communities that are in good standing with the NFIP are eligible to apply for planning or project grants. Communities on probation or suspended from the NFIP are not eligible for FMA grants. To be eligible for an FMA grant, a community must have a Hazard Mitigation Plan that is approved by FEMA.

Grant Types

There is a total of $800 million available nationwide to be distributed in the following order:

Capability and Capacity Building (C&CB) (up to $60 million available)

  • Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plans - max of $25,000
  • Project Scoping
    • Used to obtain data and to prioritize, select, and develop Localized Flood Risk Reduction projects and Individual Flood Mitigation projects for future funding
    • Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, community outreach, engineering, environmental feasibility and/or benefit-cost analyses
    • Must prove that the proposed project benefits NFIP insured properties
    • A non-federal match of 25% of the total project cost is required

Localized Flood Risk Reduction Projects (up to $340M available)

  • $50 million max federal share per sub-applicant
  • Used to implement projects that reduce flood risk and benefit the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Eligible activities include, but are not limited to, localized flood control, floodwater storage and diversion, floodplain and stream restoration, stormwater management, wetland restoration/creation
  • A non-federal match of 25% of the total project cost is required.

Individual Flood Mitigation Projects (up to $400 million available)

  • Includes mitigation projects such as elevation, relocation, demolition, acquisition, and mitigation reconstruction (demo/rebuild)
  • Must have a NFIP insurance policy on the structure being mitigated as of September 30, 2022
  • Must be either a Repetitive Loss or Severe Repetitive Loss structure
  • Must meet the following cost share requirements:
    • Repetitive Loss Property - FEMA may contribute up to 90% of total project costs
    • Severe Repetitive Loss Property - FEMA may contribute up to 100%of total project costs.

Application Process

  • The grant application period typically runs from October through January.
  • Eligible applicants include local governments and communities, state agencies, and federally recognized tribes. Citizens must contact their local floodplain manager to apply.
  • All applications are completed through FEMA GO
  • https://go.fema.gov. Communities must register with FEMA GO to apply for FMA. Please contact SCDNR for registration instructions.
  • For more information or questions contact:
    Jessica Artz, CFM
    Mapping Specialist

(Documents below are in PDF or Excel format.)

Flood Mitigation Grants Information

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