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Saltwater Paddling Trail - Beaufort to Edisto Island, the ACE Basin

Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail LogoThe paddling trail enters the ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) as it passes through waters of St. Helena Sound and the Ashepoo, Edisto, and Combahee (ACE) Rivers. The ACE Basin NERR is one of 27 national reserves located along the US coastline. This NERR is a significant portion of the greater ACE Basin Project focus area, which has been the target of significant public and private land conservation. Related areas near to the paddling trail include the ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge and Bear Island Wildlife Management Area. Nearby vacation and beach destinations include Edisto Island, Edisto Beach, and Edisto Beach State Park.

Section 2 Map

Section 2 - Beaufort to Edisto Island Saltwater Paddling Trail Pickney Island National Wildlife Refuge Daws Island Heritage Preserve Parris Island Marine Corps Depot City of Beaufort Fripp Island Old Island Heritage Preserve/WMA Hunting Island State Park Hunting Island St. Helena Sound ACE (Ashepoo, Edisto, Combahee) Rivers Edisto Beach Edisto Island Edisto Beach State Park ACE Basin NERR Bear Island Wildlife Management Area Earnest F. Hollings ACE Basin NWR Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area Seabrook Island

Places of Interest on the Trail

Point No. Name Latitude / Longitude County
2-1 St. Helena Sound 32.448308, -80.426754 Colleton
2-2 ACE (Ashepoo, Edisto, Combahee) Rivers 32.487158, -80.471735 Colleton
2-3 ACE Basin NERR 32.592680, -80.551171 Colleton
2-4 Bear Island Wildlife Management Area 32.599618, -80.447866 Colleton
2-5 Earnest F. Hollings ACE Basin NWR 32.643148, -80.378710 Charleston
2-A1 Edisto Beach 32.477297, -80.336827 Colleton
2-A2 Edisto Island 32.501298, -80.302877 Colleton
2-A3 Edisto Beach State Park 32.506816, -80.295339 Charleston

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Photograph Gallery of Places of Interest on the Trail

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Map Number 2-3, ACE Basin - Photograph by Michael Foster Map Number 2-4, Bear Island - Photograph by Miachael Foster Map Number 2-A1, Edisto Beach - photograph by Phillip Jones Map Number 2-A2, Edisto Island - photograph by Phillip Jones