National Estuarine Research Reserve

K-12 Education

Education, training, and outreach activities include a broad spectrum of activities designed to enhance public awareness of the importance of estuarine systems and provide opportunities for public education and interpretation. A critical aspect of these efforts is the linkage of education to science and stewardship. The overall goal is to translate scientific information into language that can be understood and applied by the public. The NERR coordinates with federal and state agencies, national education, scientific and environmental organizations, and also is an active member of the local and regional education community.

Education Objectives

  • Develop education programs that increase public understanding of estuaries and the ACE Basin watershed. Educate the public about estuaries holistically to include ecological, cultural, historical, sociological, aesthetic, and economic perspectives.
  • Facilitate an understanding of the scientific process and ACE Basin research results.
  • Promote a sense of resource stewardship and individual responsibility toward the ACE Basin through proactive education.
  • Develop the ACE Basin as a resource center specializing in estuarine and watershed education. Provide information and expertise to decision-makers for wise use of coastal resources by addressing local, regional, state, and national coastal issues.

K-12 Programs

Programs are held on the water through the Coastal Carolina Discovery program. Children's programs are also held regularly at Edisto Interpretive Center by Edisto Beach State Park staff. Please contact at 843-953-9156 for more information.

K-12 Products

Staff have worked to produce a number of lesson plans and products for K-12. Download the ACE Basin Activity Book here. Contact at 843-953-9156 for specific questions.

Teacher Programs

Teacher programs are hosted each year by the ACE Basin and North Inlet/Winyah Bay NERRs.Please contact at 843-953-9156 for more information.

Internships, Workshops, and Continuing Education

There are a number of opportunities for teachers hosted by our partners and other education providers throughout the year. Information will be updated as it becomes available. Click on the title of the program of interest for more information (files in PDF format).

Files listed above are in the Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF) format.

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