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December 17, 2014DNR stocks red drum at Cherry Grove

The S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) stocked red drum on Dec. 16 at the Cherry Grove boat landing on 53rd Ave North and Heritage Dr. in Cherry Grove.

Approximately 500 slot-sized and externally-tagged red drum were released into House Creek as part of a statewide effort to augment natural red drum abundance. For additional information on this release contact Karl Brenkert at (843) 297-2528 or visit the website for more information on the DNR’s Marine Stock Enhancement Research Program.

The red drum is an important resource to local anglers. This fish is a member of the drum family, Sciaenidae. Locally, red drum are referred to as “spottail bass”, “redfish”, or “channel bass”. It is a close relative of the black drum, spotted seatrout, Atlantic croaker, and spot. Red drum have elongate bodies, are reddish-bronze in color, and have a distinct spot or series of spots at the base of the caudal fin. Scientists believe this prominent spot on the tail confuses predators into attacking the fish’s tail instead of its head, giving the fish a better chance to escape.

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