Wildlife & Sport Fish Restoration
Celebrating 75 Years of Wildlife Conservation Success

Photograph of a Black BearPhotograph of a Wild Turkey - photography by Joe BlakePhotograph of a Striped Bass - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

If you have ever purchased a firearm, ammunition, archery bow and arrows, fishing lures, rods and reels, a hunting or fishing license or even fueled up your boat… you have contributed to the most successful effort to conserve fish and wildlife in the world.

Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration

  • Approved by Congress September 2, 1937
  • Also known as Pittman-Robertson Act
  • Funds collected from 11% Federal excise tax on sporting arms, ammunition, archery equipment, and 10% on handguns
  • Since 1937 more than $86 million has come back to South Carolina, resulting in the wise management and conservation of many species of wildlife, including the restoration of deer, turkey and wood duck

Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration

  • Approved by Congress August 9, 1950
  • Also known as Dingell-Johnson Act
  • Funds collected from a 10% Federal excise tax on fishing equipment and taxes on boats and motor sales
  • Since 1950 more than $85 million has come back to South Carolina for wise management and conservation of our lakes, rivers and coastal waterways, and tremendous accomplishments such as the culture of the world-famous landlocked striped bass

Thank you for your continued support of conservation efforts in South Carolina through your purchase of hunting and fishing licenses, as well as your gear!