SCDNR Property Watch Program

Take an Active Role in Property Protection!

The SCDNR Property Watch Program advises and assisst the landowner in property protection, trespass prevention and prosecution of applicable criminal and civil laws that may be utilized to recover damages against unethical hunters.

Gate at property access road, showing properly installed barriers and Property Watch sign

Trespassing and the other laws included in this website are crimes and civil wrongs. To put in simpler terms, trespassing primarily harms the landowner more so than the general public. The DNR wishes to assist all landowners with these types of civil wrongs. To accomplish this, the DNR must have knowledgeable, concerned, and conscientious landowners who will take active roles in protecting their own property.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is providing this information as a public service to the citizens of this state to assist in prevention of unlawful invasions of property rights. By doing so, the Department is not attempting to act as legal counsel and makes no warranties to that end. If legal advice is sought, one should consult an attorney of their choice for advice as to the matters contained herein.

Special Note: As used in this program, 'landowner' refers to property owner or persons that have deeded, leased, or other legal rights or interests in the property enrolled in the Property Watch Program.