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June 22, 2016Be safe, boat sober

The July 4 holiday weekend will be here soon. Many will take this weekend to celebrate and have a good time. Unfortunately, many boaters will also mix alcohol and boating.

While consuming alcohol on the water is legal, South Carolina law prohibits anyone from operating a moving motorized vessel or vessel under sail on the waters of the state while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or combination thereof.

There are tough fines, jail time and boating suspensions for anyone that violates this law. Alcohol related deaths were the number two type of fatal accident last year in South Carolina. Letís all work together to keep the waters safe this weekend.

If you must drink, please have a designated driver. Be safe, boat sober. Find out more about these and other safety rules by taking a https://www.dnr.sc.gov/education/boated.html. Find our course listings at dnr.sc.gov or by calling 800-277-4301.

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