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Boating - Safety Tip: Night Navigation August 17, 2016

Night time can be a great time to take a ride in a boat. The temperature cools off and traffic on the water dies down. But nighttime can also be a very dangerous time. Obstacles in the water that are visible during the day become hidden in the dark. Other boaters may have become fatigued by a long day in the sun and heat. Remember that night boating requires that the operator use extra caution. Slow your vessel down to a safe speed. Keep a proper lookout for other boats. Make sure that your vessel is equipped with the proper lights and that they are operating. Understand the placement of lights on the vessel and what they are telling you. Only use docking lights for docking. Remember that any lights that interfere with your navigational lights are illegal. They can also blind approaching boaters like high beams on a car. Never assume that the operator of an approaching vessel knows or understands navigational rules. Always be prepared to take action to avoid a collision even if you have the right of way. Let's all do our part to keep our waters safe for everyone. Find out more about these and other safety rules by taking a free boater education course. Find our course listings at dnr.sc.gov or by calling 800-277-4301.

by FSGT. Steve Simpson
Law Enforcement/Education
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