SC Marine Game Fish Tagging Program

Photograph gallery

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Mikey Clark (right) with a tagged red drum caught in April 2015. He caught the same fish (left) at almost the same time in 2014. Nylon dart tags with applicator. The Dennison Standard Soft Grip Tagging Gun (Model D16000) along with t-bar anchor tags. Stomach contents of a red drum with an electric chicken grub. Weird color pattern for a bluefish. Two catfish “sparring” during spawning season. One has the other in its mouth. A rare bigeye sandtiger shark caught on a longline off Cape Canaveral. This red drum was found floating dead after it tried to eat a terrapin. The wrong way to release fish. Donna Potzauf with a 26-inch red drum tagged and released. Sara Spring with a red drum ready for release. Jack Potzauf shows off a nice red drum tagged and ready to be released.. Former tagging program director Robert Wiggers with a healthy sheepshead. Lair uses the tag gun to insert a t-bar anchor tag into a red drum. A good tag and release setup. Note how everything is at the ready to facilitate tagging. Bryan Apperson with a tagged red drum. Algae growth on a t-bar anchor tag after 9 months attached to a sheepshead in the Wando River. The growth was easily scraped away to reveal the legend on the tag. A red drum with a properly located tag. Angler with a tagged fish. Angler with a tagged fish. Stephanie Murray with a pretty tagged red drum - 10/13/2013.