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Saltwater Paddling Trail - Edisto Island to Charleston

Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail LogoImportant natural areas on the paddling trail include Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area, Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary, Bird Key Stone Seabird Sanctuary, Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve, and Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary. Important cultural areas on or near the paddling trail include the Morris Island Lighthouse, Charleston Battery, Castle Pinckney historic site, Patriots Point Museum with the USS Yorktown, and Fort Sumter National Monument which includes Fort Moultrie and Sullivan's Island Lighthouse. The port city of Charleston, founded in 1670, is considered a "must see" Old South city widely acclaimed for its charm and beauty and significant historic district. Nearby vacation and beach destinations include Edisto Island, Seabrook Island, Kiawah Island, and Folly Beach.

Section 3 Map

Section 2 - Beaufort to Edisto Island Saltwater Paddling Trail Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Managment Area Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary Seabrook Island Kiawah Island Bird Key-Stone Seabird Sanctuary Folly Beach Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve Morris Island Lighthouse Fort Sumter National Monument Castle Pinckney Historical Site Charleston Battery Charleston Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary Isle of Palms St. Helena Sound Edisto Beach Edisto Island Edisto Beach State Park Bear Island Wildlife Management Area Earnest F. Hollings ACE Basin NWR Fort Moultrie National Park Fort Sumter National Monument Sullivan's Island Lighthouse Patriots Point / USS Yorktown

Places of Interest on the Trail

Point No. Name Latitude / Longitude County
3-1 Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary 32.547490, -80.178041 Charleston
3-2 Seabrook Island 32.588238, -80.163429 Charleston
3-3 Kiawah Island 32.608514, -80.081760 Charleston
3-4 Charleston Battery 32.770009, -79.936882 Charleston
3-5 Charleston 32.776561, -79.930919 Charleston
3-6 Castle Pinckney Historical Site 32.773459, -79.911111 Charleston
3-7 Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary 32.778440, -79.884733 Charleston
3-8 Fort Moultrie National Park 32.759515, -79.857678 Charleston
3-9 Fort Sumter National Monument 32.755308, -79.853691 Charleston
3-10 Sullivan's Island Lighthouse 32.757823, -79.843249 Charleston
3-A1 Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Management Area 32.553369, -80.233035 Charleston
3-A2 Bird Key-Stone Seabird Sanctuary 32.630030, -79.983966 Charleston
3-A3 Folly Beach 32.660457, -79.931200 Charleston
3-A4 Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve 32.684053, -79.888859 Charleston
3-A5 Morris Island Lighthouse 32.695389, -79.883595 Charleston
3-A6 Fort Sumter National Monument 32.752408, -79.874852 Charleston
3-A7 Patriots Point / USS Yorktown 32.790285, -79.908532 Charleston

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Photograph Gallery of Places of Interest on the Trail

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Map Number 3-1, Deveaux Bank Seabird Sanctuary - Photograph by Michael Foster Map Number 3-7, Crab Bank Seabird Sanctuary - Photograph by Michael Foster Map Number 3-A1, Botany Bay Plantation Wildlife Managment Area - photograph by Phillip Jones Map Number 3-A3, Folly Beach - photograph by Michael Foster