Estuaries 101 Middle and High School Curriculum

This new and exciting curriculum is designed to be used by teachers in grades 6-12, to deepen students' understanding about estuaries and how estuaries affect their daily lives. Estuaries offer an exciting context for learning about math, geography, chemistry, marine science, among other fields. There are tons of great lessons available.

NOAA Digital Coast

Digital Coast is a great resource for teachers wanting to bring data that address current coastal issues into the classroom. This NOAA-sponsored website provides hundreds of tools and data visualizations that make learning the science behind extreme weather, sea level rise, water quality and climate issues exciting and interactive. Some of our favorites are the Sea Level Rise Viewer and Coastal County Snapshots. The sea level rise viewer tool allows teachers and students to simulate different sea level rise scenarios to take a closer look at coastal flooding impacts. Coastal County Snapshots provide valuable data about the economic importance of wetland and ocean related resources to coastal counties all around the US.

Sea Level Rise Viewer screenshot NOAA Digital Coast
Additional SCDNR Resources for Educators