Become an SCDNR Law Enforcement Officer

Law Enforcement Applicant Process

If you are an individual who meets the minimum requirements, the process below outlines what to expect as an applicant. Please note that this process will require applicants to be in Columbia and away from their present job for at least three different occasions.

STEP 1: Application and Interview Panel

STEP 2: Written and Physical Fitness Test (Pass/Fail Only)

Applicants who are selected for further consideration from the interview will be asked to pass a written exam and a physical fitness test. The physical fitness test is comprised of:

Note: If applicant fails either the written exam or any portion of the Physical Fitness Test, he/she will be eliminated from the process and must reapply for the next hiring cycle.

STEP 3: Interview with Colonel (Deputy Director of the SCDNR Law Enforcement Division)

STEP 4: Conditional Job Offer

Successful applicants who are conditionally offered a position as an SCDNR Law Enforcement Officer will be subjected to complete:

These tests are at no cost to the applicant. The applicant must meet the physical and psychological standards set by the agency, to include good hearing, night vision and eyesight correctable to 20/20.

STEP 5: Basic Training

Officers are required to attend:

Employees must plan to stay overnight during both the SCCJA Basic Training and the SCDNR Wildlife Basic but are permitted to go home on weekends.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Law Enforcement Officer, please fill out the recruitment information form.