Lower Saluda River Trout Study

What's New For 2014?

In order to track the growth and survival of carry/over trout, DNR biologist have initiated a new project component to the ongoing study. We have initiated tagging carry/over fish captured during the electro-fishing portion of the study. A trout is considered a carry/over fish when it has survived in the river for a minimum of one year. From May, 2013 through February 2014, 76 carry/over trout were tagged including 41 brown trout and 35 rainbow trout. Many of these fish have already been recaptured multiple times. Tagged brown trout range in size from 12" to 24" and tagged rainbow trout range in size from 13" to 21".

Brown trout
*Tagged carry/over brown trout

Brown trout
*Carry/over brown trout

Another change for 2014 is the information on the tags. Tag returns during 2013 were reported through a number of different options with a fairly even distribution between drop box, mail in and e-mail. Tag returns by phone were very few and because the phone number on the tags was being confused with the tag number, it was decided to remove the phone number on the 2014 tags. These tags now have the DNR website on them instead of a phone number.

New tag for 2014
*White t-bar anchor tag (2014)

Lifetime Fishing License Awarded

On January 13th, a drawing was held at a Saluda Chapter Trout Unlimited meeting for the first of three lifetime fishing licenses to be awarded for participating in the Lower Saluda Trout Study. The individual was randomly selected from a field of 334 qualified tag returns received by SCDNR during the first year of the tagging study. The winner is Perry J. Hammond who participated in the study by providing information on three tagged trout caught in the vicinity of Saluda Shoals Park. By reporting his catch of tagged trout, Perry has provided important information that will be used to make management decisions that will influence the quality of the trout fishery in the Lower Saluda River.

Lifetime Fishing License Winner - Perry J. Hammond
*Perry holding a nice rainbow trout he caught recently from the Saluda River.

The lifetime license awards are being funded through contributions by the Saluda Chapter of Trout Unlimited for the duration of the three year study. Two more lifetime fishing licenses will be awarded to anglers who report tagged trout from the Lower Saluda River in the next couple of years.