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Striped Bass

Striped Bass

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and US Army Corps of Engineers are conducting a study of striped bass (rockfish) in Thurmond Reservoir (Clark Hill). The objectives of the study are to:

  1. Evaluate striped bass use of the Russell tailrace.
  2. Evaluate striped bass use of the newly oxygenated area below Modoc, SC.
  3. Determine angler harvest rates.

To accomplish these objectives, a number of striped bass have been implanted with transmitters and externally tagged. All tags have a cash value.

How do you report a tag?

What do you report about your tagged fish?

Striped bass transmitter
Striped bass transmitter

Striped Bass Anglers - Reward for Returned Tags flyer is provided in the Adobe PDF file format. Adobe® Reader® is required to open these files and is available as a free download from the Adobe® Web site.

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Presentation of Striped Bass Distribution in J. Strom Thurmond Reservoir PDF

Thank you for your assistance in fisheries conservation and management!