Wildlife - Waterfowl Hunting and Baiting

The Penalty

Duck walking through vegetation

A violation of the baiting laws in South Carolina may be prosecuted in state or federal court. The maximum penalty in state court is a fine up to $500, plus court costs, or up to 30 days imprisonment for each offense. The maximum fine in federal court is a fine up to $15,000 and / or up to 6 months imprisonment for each offense.

A person convicted of hunting waterfowl over bait will be assessed 10 points against their privilege to hunt and fish in the state. Upon accumulating 18 points a person loses their privileges to hunt and fish in the state for one year. Federal magistrates have the authority to suspend a person’s privilege to hunt in all states as a part of the sentence imposed on a violator. Additionally, South Carolina may seek restitution for birds taken illegally.