35th Annual Migratory Waterfowl Stamp

The 2016-17 South Carolina Migratory Waterfowl Print features commissioned artist Richard Clifton's original painting of a male and female mottled duck. Mr. Clifton lives in Milford, Delaware, and has painted forty-four duck stamps from various states. He also painted the 1996 Australian Duck Stamp and the 2007-2008 federal Duck Stamp. His work has been displayed in many of the top wildlife art shows throughout the country, including the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

Funds derived from the sale of stamps, art prints and related artwork are used as specified in state law. Fifty percent of the total revenue from stamp and print sales is transferred to the SCDNR for use in its specified projects. The remainder of funds derived from the sale of prints is disbursed to a nonprofit organization for the development of waterfowl propagation projects within Canada. The funded projects must specifically provide waterfowl for the Atlantic Flyway and must also be able to demonstrate evidence that they are acceptable to the appropriate governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the project areas.

2016-17 Commissioned Artist

painting by Richard Clifton

'Mottled Ducks' by Richard Clifton

Mottled Ducks