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The mission of the Hydrology Section is to provide guidance, counsel, and data to the State government and the general public for the beneficial use, conservation, and management of South Carolina's water resources. To that end, the Section maintains a program of hydrologic projects and technical activities aimed at collecting hydrologic, geologic, and water-quality data; monitoring the availability of surface water and ground water; and studying and modeling these resources. The Section is concerned with maintaining a balance among water-supply development, economic growth, and preservation of fish and wildlife habitats.

Public Notice: Flood Forecasting and Alert System

A grant is being applied for by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) that would install 10 monitoring sites across South Carolina in waterways that may be affected by future floods. Comments on the grant proposal are due by Sept. 22 and should be made to Scott Harder, SCDNR senior hydrologist, at (864) 654-1671, extension 25, or HarderS@dnr.sc.gov.

Download a full copy of the grant proposal (PDF)

Surface Water Modeling Information
Reports, presentations, and meeting notes.
Groundwater Newsletter
Updates on groundwater activities.
Streamflow Monitoring Workshops
Map of proposed monitoring sites and workshop presentations.