Hydrology - SCDNR Coastal Plain Water Well Records

Downloadable files below are in the PDF or Excel format.

SCDNR Coastal Plain Well data: The Hydrology Section of the SCDNR has hard-copy records of more than 13,000 water wells located in the Coastal Plain counties of South Carolina. The links listed below open Excel files that contain summary information about each well in our Coastal Plain inventory. In most cases, the hard-copy well records kept in our office contain more information than is presented here.

For an explanation of the headers found in the Excel files, and a description of the well data, read the PDF file Explanation of SCDNR Coastal Plain well records (606 kB). This file also contains an explanation of the SCDNR well grid-numbering system.

As our web site develops, we hope to add more ground water information, such as well location maps, aquifer information, water-level data, and well-search capabilities.

Date of most recent database update: July 2007. The hard-copy well records kept in our office are updated when new wells are added to our inventory, or when information about wells already inventoried is modified. The electronic database is periodically updated to include any changes made since the previous update.
View the Excel file listing all wells records added or modified in the most recent update.

Disclaimer: The SCDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of this well information. In many cases, our well information comes from old records, and as a result, some of the information, such as the well owner or the well use, may no longer be accurate. This is in no way a complete inventory of all the water wells in the South Carolina Coastal Plain.

The county name hyperlinks below open an Excel file containing information about the SCDNR well records in that county.

Entire Coastal Plain (13,011 wells, 4,687 kB)

Aiken(1,003 wells, 357 KB)

Aiken Map (Adobe PDF 519KB)

Colleton(712 wells, 273 KB)

Colleton Map (Adobe PDF 566KB)

Lee (154 wells, 74 KB)

Lee Map (Adobe PDF 356KB)

Allendale(213 wells, 92 KB)

Allendale Map (Adobe PDF 360KB)

Darlington (202 wells, 89 KB)

Darlington Map (Adobe PDF 353KB)

Lexington (1,497 wells, 572 KB)

Lexington Map (Adobe PDF 926KB)

Bamberg (109 wells, 54 KB)

Bamberg Map(Adobe PDF 329KB)

Dillon (146 wells, 68 KB)

Dillon Map (Adobe PDF 428KB)

Marion (151 wells, 71 KB)

Marion Map (Adobe PDF 284KB)

Barnwell (600 wells, 218 KB)

Barnwell Map (Adobe PDF 329KB)

Dorchester (310 wells, 121 KB)

Dorchester Map (Adobe PDF 496KB)

Marlboro (171 wells, 76 KB)

Marlboro Map (Adobe PDF 400KB)

Beaufort (1,864 wells, 590 KB)

Beaufort Map (Adobe PDF 1MG)

Florence (416 wells, 169 KB)

Florence Map (Adobe PDF 432KB)

Orangeburg (460 wells, 181 KB)

Orangeburg Map (Adobe PDF 623KB)

Berkeley (560 wells, 209 KB)

Berkeley Map (Adobe PDF 696KB)

Georgetown (303 wells, 124 KB)

Georgetown Map (Adobe PDF 1MG)

Richland (595 wells, 232 KB)

Richland Map (Adobe PDF 533KB)

Calhoun (163 wells, 74 KB)

Calhoun Map (Adobe PDF 481KB)

Hampton (255 wells, 109 KB)

Hampton Map (Adobe PDF 325KB)

Sumter (393 wells, 159 KB)

Sumter Map (Adobe PDF 647KB)

Charleston (676 wells, 251 KB)

Charleston Map (Adobe PDF 1MG)

Horry (818 wells, 307 KB)

Horry Map (Adobe PDF 631KB)

Williamsburg (239 wells, 103 KB)

Williamsburg Map (Adobe PDF 556KB)

Chesterfield (158 wells, 74 KB)

Chesterfield Map (Adobe PDF 388KB)

Jasper (402 wells, 150 KB)

Jasper Map (Adobe PDF 396KB)


Clarendon (160 wells, 76 KB)

Clarendon Map (Adobe PDF 737KB)

Kershaw (281 wells, 120 KB)

Kershaw Map (Adobe PDF 691KB)


If you have any questions about this information, please contact Andrew Wachob at WachobA@dnr.sc.gov or by phone at (803)734-6440.