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The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is the advocate for and steward of the state's natural resources. In keeping with this mission, the goal of the Stewardship Development Awards Program is to promote the conservation, protection, and enhancement of the state's natural resources. At the same time, the program recognizes the necessity for the built environment to meet the physical and social needs of the citizenry.

Three aspects of the program serve to accomplish this goal: recognition, advocacy and technical assistance. Recognition through an awards selection process will promote those projects and people that have gone beyond the accepted norms, whether regulatory or perceived, in conserving, protecting, and enhancing our natural resources. Advocacy is the ongoing promotion of stewardship concepts to design professionals, community leaders (elected and others), environmental groups, natural resource user groups, and the general public. The third mechanism is technical assistance to local governments, developers, community planning groups, and landowners.

There is a growing concern for quality of life in the state and this is reflected in the desire for more natural areas and green space. Additionally, we are beginning to recognize the value of maintaining healthy ecosystems. This does not mean that people do not have a part in the natural environment; it means that care and planning must be taken in providing for the needs of our citizens in the context of a healthy environment. Awareness of practices that conserve natural resources and the benefits they can provide are paramount in the plan for environmentally sensitive projects. The Stewardship Development Awards Program is committed to all of these aspects of development in South Carolina.

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For further information about the Natural Resources Stewardship Program, contact:

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email: Bill Marshall

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