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SCDNR shellfish staff completed the build in early April 2017 with funding from Toadfish Outfitters. (Photo: Ben Dyar)
New oyster shell recycling site in Beaufort

Twin Ponds Rifle Range is open to the public
Twin Ponds Rifle Range is open to the public

A pair of wild turkey poults approximately 2-3 months old cross a dirt road at the SCDNR’s Wateree Heritage Preserve and WMA. South Carolina is noted for having the purest strain of Eastern wild turkeys. Credit: SCDNR photo.
Laws are strict on taking wild turkey eggs and releasing pen-raised turkeys


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Erin WeeksSouth Carolina Coastal Resources
by Erin Weeks

Baby sea turtle

David LucasSouth Carolina Natural Resources
by David Lucas

Bobwhite Quail