Lower Saluda River Trout Study

Tag Return Rewards Program

Reward capIn addition to helping SCDNR better manage the Lower Saluda River trout population; anglers that participate in the tagging study will receive a hat from the Saluda River Trout Unlimited Chapter and a certificate of appreciation from the SCDNR. One angler will be awarded a lifetime freshwater fishing license per year by the Saluda River Trout Unlimited Chapter. To receive the rewards, participants must ensure all tagging and angler contact information is accurate.

Rules and Procedures for Lifetime License Giveaway

  1. The Saluda River Chapter of Trout Unlimited will award one (1) resident lifetime freshwater fishing license for each of the three years of the Lower Saluda River trout study (2012-2015).
  2. This drawing is open to South Carolina residents only.
  3. All participants in the drawing must be a fully licensed freshwater angler, as required by South Carolina statue.
  4. Tags or tag numbers must be returned to SCDNR through the use of the trout study drop boxes, via mail to Ron Ahle, 2726 Fish Hatchery Road, West Columbia, SC 29172, or through the SCDNR website. All mailed tags must be postmarked no later than December 1st to be included in the annual license giveaway for that year.
  5. Only tags submitted Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Personnelfrom December 2nd through December 1st of the following year will be included in the annual drawings.
  6. As received, all tags will be entered into a database and assigned a number for inclusion in the drawing with the winner chosen through a computerize random number generator.
  7. At the end of each annual period, those tags not selected for the lifetime license will be removed from consideration for future drawings.
  8. To allow for mail delivery and accurate inputting in the database, the drawing for the lifetime license winner will be held the second Friday of December each year.
  9. There is no limit on the number of tags a licensed angler may submit for inclusion in the drawing.
  10. Only those tags that include all necessary study information will be eligible.
  11. If the selected angler already possesses a lifetime fishing privilege they may award the license to the person of their choice.