State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP)

Closed State Wildlife Grants (SWG) and Competitive State Wildlife Grants (C-SWG) - Final Reports

The grants listed in the tables below are those that have been completed and closed as of 2017 as well as grants currently in progress. You can access each final report by clicking on its link.

(Documents below are in PDF format.)

Closed State Wildlife Grants (SWG)

Federal Grant Number Duration Project / Grant Title
T-2-2 2004-2005 South Carolina Endangered Species Program
T-6 2004-2005 Census and Monitoring of Waterbird Nesting in the South Carolina Coastal Plain (continued from R-3)
T-7-R-2 2006-2008 Conservation of Water and Seabirds in South Carolina
T-8-P-1 2005-2007 South Carolina Stream Planning Project (became T-25-R-1)
T-9 2005-2013 Robust Redhorse Restoration and Conservation
T-10-P-1 2005-2009 Landscape Planning for Priority Species on Agricultural Lands
(also T-46)
T-11 2005-2008 Restoration of Longleaf Pine Forests on State-owned Lands
T-13-R 2006-2009 Conservation of Migratory Landbirds in South Carolina
(previously T-4)
T-14-T-1 2005-2009 Development of BMPs for Sustaining Wildlife in the Maritime Zone of South Carolina
T-15-P 2005-2007 South Carolina Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Planning
T-16-R 2005-2009 Upland Habitat Improvements on Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Preserve
T-17-R 2006-2010 Protection and Management of Seabird Colonies (Monitoring/Breeding Parameters)
T-19-R-1 2006-2010 Habitat Enhancement on North and South Williman Islands, Beaufort County, South Carolina
T-20 2006-2007 Status and Management Plan Development for Three Rare Burrowing Crayfish
T-23-R-1 2006-2011 Controlling Access to Known and Potential Bat Roosts
T-24 2006-2008 Fish Passage on the Broad River: An Assessment of Benefits of Freshwater Mussels
T-25-R-1 2006-2013 South Carolina Stream Assessment (previously T-8)
T-26 2006-2013 South Carolina Reptile and Amphibian Conservation Planning
T-27-R-1 2009-2012 Habitat Improvement for Grassland Birds
T-30-R 2007-2008 Taxonomy, Life History, and Distribution of the Crayfish, Procambarus echinatus (Edisto Crayfish)
T-31-R 2007-2012 Assessing Introgressive Hybridization Within and Habitat Requirements of Native South Carolina Redeye Bass
T-32-T-1 2007-2008 Restoring Seabird Nesting on Bird Key Stono Seabird Sanctuary
T-33 2007-2012 Robust Redhorse Electrofishing and Radio Telemetry Tracking of the Great Pee Dee River, South Carolina
T-34-HM-1 2007-2012 SCORE: SC Oyster Restoration and Enhancement Using Community Volunteers
T-35 2009-2010 Identification of Diamondback Terrapin Habitats in South Carolina (thesis)
T-36-HM 2008-2010 A GIS Model to Guide Landscape Scale Restoration at the Woodbury Tract and Hamilton Ridge Properties
T-37-T 2008-2010 Carolina Herp Atlas
T-38-R 2010-2012 Mink Restoration and Monitoring Development Project
(See Waller thesis and Gorga thesis)
T-39-1 2008-2013 Prescribed Burning Crew for South Carolina DNR Lands
T-40-L 2009-2010 Conservation of Belfast Plantation, Phase I
T-41 2008-2017 Conservation of Wading Birds, Shorebirds and Seabirds in South Carolina
T-42-R-1 2008-2010 Use of GIS to Assess the Demographic Isolation of Red-cockaded Woodpecker Groups in SC
T-43 2008-2017 Conservation of Migratory Landbirds in SC
T-44-R-1 2008-2010 Least Tern Reproductive Success on Rooftops
T-45 2008-2011 American Shad Culture and Stocking in the Edisto River (see T-58)
T-47-R-1 2008-2011 Conservation of Breeding Painted Buntings and Other Songbird Indicators in Early-successional Shrub-scrub Habitat Modified by CP-33 Buffers in South Carolina
T-48-R 2008-2010 Effects of Predation on Seabird Nests in Cape Romain
T-49 2008-2015 Sea Turtle Conservation on Botany Bay Plantation WMA
T-50-L 2009-2010 Conservation of Belfast Plantation, Phase II
T-51-R 2009-2011 Ecology and Impacts of Coyotes on Loggerhead Sea Turtles, Least Terns, and Other Wildlife: Implications for Management
T-53-R-1 2010-2013 Striped Bass Stock Enhancement of Charleston Harbor Estuary/System
T-54-R-1, Part I 2010-2013 Monitoring Impacts of Yellow Pine Restoration of Avifauna in the SC Mountains (thesis)
T-54-R-1, Part II 2015-2015 Relative abundance (CPUE) and distribution (habitat use) of Lionfish in the Southeast region based on Reef Fish Survey (video) observations
T-55-R-1 2010-2012 Performance report for South Carolina Project T-55-R-1, CFDA 15-634, project titled, "Using Citizen Science in the Study and Conservation of Breeding Painted Buntings"
T-56-R 2010-2015 Enhancing Oyster Reef Habitat Around Private Docks Using Abandoned Crab Traps
T-57 2011-2016 SC Amphibian and Reptile Conservation
(and appendices of resulting research)

[see also J.L. Waldron et al. / Biological Conservation 159 (2013) 530–538]

Appendix 1 - Diamondback Rattlesnake studies: Life History Constraints Contribute to the Vulnerability of a Declining North American Rattlesnake (paper)

Appendix 3 - Status Assessment for Blue Ridge and Piedmont Herpetofauna of High Priority in South Carolina (thesis)

Appendix 4 - Modeling the Haystack to Find the Needle: Developing Methods to Locate and Survey for Rare Species, A Case Study of Bog Turtles (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) (paper)

Appendix 5 - Locating rare habitat for a rare species: evaluation of a species distribution model for bog turtles (Glyptemys muhlenbergii) in the Southeastern United States (paper)

Appendix 6 - Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy (ARC) comprehensive survey of at-risk amphibians and reptiles in the Francis Marion National Forest (report)

Appendix 8 - Gopher Frog Recognizer (report)

Appendix 9 - A Conservation Strategy For The Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) In South Carolina (plan)

T-58-R-1 2010-2012 Evaluation of American Shad Stocking in the Edisto River
T-59-R-1 2010-2012 American Eels in Freshwater Habitats of SC and Their Infection Status by the Invasive Parasite Species, Anguillicoloides crassus
T-60-R-1 2010-2012 Validation of Trammel Netting Monitoring Population Trends for Diamondback Terrapins in the Charleston Harbor Estuary
T-61-R-1 2012-2013 Decision Support Tools for Stream Conservation
U2-1-HM-1 2009-2012 Multistate Sandhills Ecological Restoration Project: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina
SC-T-F13AF01180 2013-2015 Mapping and Classifying Tidal Freshwater Wetlands in the ACE Basin
SC-T-F13AF01182 2013-2014 Identification of Crayfish in SC
SC-T-F13AF01183 2013-2016 Evaluation and Monitoring of the Santee River Basin Robust Redhorse Restoration Effort
SC-T-F13AF01185 2013-2015 Assessing the Status of MacGillivray's Seaside Sparrows (Ammondramus maritimus macgillivraii) in SC
SC-T-F13AF01207 2013-2015 Enhancement of Upstream Passage for American Eels at the St. Stephen Dam, SC
SC-T-F13AF01208 2013-2016 An Evaluation of Culturing Carolina Diamondback Terrapins for Responsible Stock Enhancement
SC-T-F14AF01233 2014-present South Carolina Small River Conservation Planning Project
SC-T-F15AF00207 2007-2016 Carolina Herp Atlas
SC-T-F15AF00727 2015-present Distribution, Population Ecology, Genetic Relatedness and Habitat Associations of Eastern Spotted Skunks in South Carolina
SC-T-F15AF00728 2016-2016 Using citizen-science to guide state-wide management of diamondback terrapins.
SC-T-F15AF00729 2015-2017 Assessing the status of the Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis) in South Carolina
SC-T-F15AF00730 2015-2017 Building partnerships on state, federal and private lands to promote conservation of seabirds and shorebirds
SC-T-F15AF00731 2015-present Potential Mechanism of Thermal Stress Impairment for Striped Bass Populations
SC-T-F16AF00598 2016-2017 Northern Yellow Bat Roost Selection and Fidelity in South Carolina
SC-T-F16AF00707 2016-present Conservation of seabirds, shorebirds, wading birds, and marsh birds in South Carolina
SC-T-F16AF00708 2016-present Conservation of South Carolina Coastal Plain Reptiles and Amphibians
SC-T-F16AF00713 2016-present Optimal nesting microhabitat for Diamondback Terrapins in SC
SC-T-F16AF00714 2016-2017 Investigating the impacts of harvesting on ribbed mussel communities
SC-T-F16AF00720 2016-2018 Abundance and community composition of intertidal macrobenthic invertebrates in pristine, erosional, and highly managed habitats
SC-T-F16AF01121 2016-present Documentation of horseshoe crab nesting beaches and egg densities
SC-T-F17AF00122 2016-2017 Participation by SC in the SEARS Program
SC-T-F17AF01249 2017-present Atlantic Coast Joint Venture - Catalyzing Black Rail Conservation along the Atlantic Coast
SC-T-F17AF01208 2017-present Identifying Management Opportunities to Benefit Black Rails Nesting in Coastal South Carolina
SC-T-F17AF01207 2017-present Range, life history, and environmental tolerances of the Waccamaw crayfish (Procambarus braswelli) and the hummock crayfish (Procambarus lunzi) of near-coastal environments
SC-T-F17AF01195 2017-present SC Bat Monitoring and Research Project

Note: T-5, T-21, T-29, T-52, and SC-T-F17AF01196 are CWCS/SWAP revision grants. T-1, T-3, T-12, T-22, and T-28 are unassigned numbers.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data resulting from this project, please contact the Project Investigator, Christy Hand, at for a copy of the report. Thank you.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data resulting from this project, please contact the Project Investigator, Jennifer Kindel, at for a copy of the report. Thank you.

Competitive State Wildlife Grants (C-SWG)

Federal Grant Number Duration Project / Grant Title
SC-U2-F14AP00958 2014-2017 Carolinas Acoustic Bat Survey
SC-U2-F14AP00997 2014-present Development and implementation of an environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring tool for Blackbanded Sunfish (Enneacanthus chaetodon) populations in South Carolina and Georgia with determination of relative abundance, genetic health, and connectivity of extant populations
SC-U2-F15AP00050 2014-present Relative abundance and trophic ecology of two sympatrically distributed Sphyrnids, the scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) and the recently discovered Carolina hammerhead (Sphyrna gilberti) within known nurseries off the East coast of the United States
SC-U2-F15AP01096 2015-present Multistate Sandhills/Upland Longleaf Ecological Restoration Project (Phase 3): Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina
SC-U2-F16AP00581 2017-present Increasing the probability of persistence for Robust Redhorse through improved management and monitoring

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