To Report a Dead
or Injured Sea Turtle
Call 1-800-922-5431

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Marine Turtle Program Featured on Your Day

Volunteer Fundraisers The Marine Turtle Program was recently featured on Your Day, sponsored by SCETV Radio and Clemson University. Mike Willis, who hosts the staff of DNR on the first Wednesday of every month, was joined by DuBose Griffin, Coordinator of the SC DNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program, and Angus McBride, DNR Wildlife Conservation Officer in Charleston. They discuss sea turtle species found on the coast, spring and summer nesting habits, protection, conservation and management of sea turtles in South Carolina.

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What you can do to help sea turtles in South Carolina!

  • Obey local and county lighting ordinances
  • Do not shine lights on a sea turtle or take flash photography
  • Turn out all exterior lights (flood and deck) visible from the beach, dusk to dawn, from May through October
  • Close blinds and drapes on windows to shield interior lights that can be seen from the beach or ocean
  • No flashlights, fireworks or bonfires on the beach
  • Encourage your local and county administrations to enforce their lighting ordinances
  • Do not disturb a nesting sea turtle and observer her only from a distance
  • When boating, lookout for sea turtles both inshore and offshore.  Sea turtle mortality from boat interaction is on the rise
  • Fill in large holes dug on the beach at the end of the day because adult and hatchling sea turtles can become trapped in them
  • Remove tents, chairs, and other items from the beach and dunes at the end of the day that could obstruct a sea turtle when nesting
  • Adopt-a-Nest (