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Jan. 29, 2013

T.L. Hanna holds fishing tourney on muddy Lake Seccession

The T.L. Hanna Fishing Team held a bass club tournament on Lake Secession on Jan. 19. Recent rains left the water very muddy and full of floating logs and other debris. Each two angler team was forced to run their boats at idle speed, dodging logs, to the far end of the lake just to find stained water to fish. In these conditions, many of the anglers found it hard to draw a single bite.TL Hanna winners

Several anglers still found a fish and the Hanna girls managed to put three fish in their boat. Kami Carr won the event with two fish weighing 2.82 pound. Garrett Bramlette caught the biggest fish of the tournament weighing 2.6 pounds.

Interested in forming a bass fishing club at your school? All you need to do is get a minimum of six students (within the 11-18 year old range) with dues paid and you can have a Youth Bass Fishing Club. You'll also need an adult at your school to help lead the club, provide advice and help arrange at least two club tournaments, fundraisers, speakers and other learning sessions pertaining to fishing for club meetings. The Youth Bass Fishing Clubs is a product of a partnership between the S.C. Department of Natural Resources, The Bass Federation of South Carolina and B.A.S.S with help and support from parents, teachers, school districts, local bait & tackle shops, community partners and Pure Fishing.

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