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Nov. 4, 2011

New report indicates Bobwhite Quail at a crossroads

Declaring that conservation efforts on behalf of bobwhite quail and other native grasslands birds are "far inadequate" to stop their decline in the U.S., a national coalition of 25 state wildlife agencies, including the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has issued a new situation assessment and a call for decisive action. The report was unveiled at the annual conference of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association.

Bobwhite quail populations have plummeted as much as 80 percent over the past half century by some estimates, while entire suites of songbirds that depend on the same habitat of native grasslands and shrublands have recorded similar declines.

According to the first ever "State of the Bobwhite: Grassland Conservation at a Crossroads" report, the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) and the NBCI Management Board, comprised of wildlife agency directors and private conservation leaders, say the following actions are required over the next 12 months as initial steps to recovering quail and other grassland species.

The 37-page State of the Bobwhite is the first-ever coordinated attempt to assess state-by-state the status of bobwhite populations, hunting activity and conservation efforts across all 25 member states of the NBCI. Bobwhite numbers continue to decline, but the report does highlight a number of positive actions at the state level. Examples include:

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