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September 9, 2010

Natural resource trustees propose funding sediment study at Twelvemile Creek dam

The Natural Resource Trustee Representatives for the Sangamo Weston/Twelvemile Creek/Lake Hartwell PCB Contamination Superfund Site are proposing to release $225,000 from the Lake Hartwell Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior to fund a study to characterize sediment in the impoundment formed by the Easley Central Dam located on Twelvemile Creek.

The characterization study will develop an estimate of the volume of sediment in the impoundment and will provide information on the concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in these sediments. This information is considered critical in order for the Trustee Council to make informed decisions about any future proposals or activities involving the Easley Central Dam. Implementation of these studies is pending based on final approval of a trustee resolution authorizing the use of funds, release of monies from the Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration account by the account manager and establishment of contracts with the study sponsors.

Monies placed in the Lake Hartwell Department of the Interior Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Fund by Schlumberger Technology Corp. were based on damages associated with lost recreational fishing opportunity in Twelvemile Creek /Lake Hartwell due the fish consumption advisories which have been in place since 1976 as a result of the PCB contamination. Under the terms of the 2006 Consent Decree, these funds are to be used to conduct or finance restoration projects designed to restore, replace, or protect natural resources at the site and to compensate the public for natural resource injuries and lost resource use.

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