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June 14, 2010

Life’s Better Outdoors’ with renewed state hunting and fishing licenses

It’s time for South Carolina hunters and anglers to purchase their 2010-2011 hunting and fishing licenses. Last season’s licenses expire June 30, 2010. Americans can celebrate their outdoor heritage and participate in wildlife-related outdoor activities by renewing or purchasing a hunting and fishing license. These are activities the whole family can enjoy, from the novice to the experienced angler and hunter.

All hunting and fishing license prices remain the same for the upcoming 2010-2011 season. DNR offers inexpensive licenses for Senior South Carolina residents. South Carolina residents born before July 1, 1940, are eligible for the Gratis Hunting and Fishing license. South Carolina residents born after July 1, 1940, are eligible for the $9 Senior License.

You can buy your South Carolina hunting and fishing licenses multiple ways:

Licenses for the upcoming 2010-2011 season went on sale Monday, June 14 and are valid immediately after purchase.

South Carolina hunters and anglers contribute funding to South Carolina's wildlife and sport fish restoration projects when they purchase a license or buy hunting and fishing equipment. Without these dollars, fish and wildlife conservation projects would be very limited.

Residents and nonresidents age 16 and older must purchase the required licenses to hunt and fish in South Carolina. Persons born after June 30, 1979, must have successfully completed a hunter education course offered by one of the 50 states, a province in Canada or other nation. Licenses issued in violation of this requirement are invalid. Licenses obtained by fraud are a violation of the law.

Senior lifetime licenses, for residents age 64 and above, include privileges that cover hunting, freshwater and saltwater fishing, big game permit, Wildlife Management Area permit (a $30.50 annual permit), and the state duck stamp (a $5.50 annual stamp). Applications for Lifetime, Gratis and Disability licenses will be printed in the 2010-2011 "Rules and Regulations" booklet available in August. Those eligible may also call (803) 734-3833 in Columbia to obtain an application or download an application from the DNR Web site.

Hunters and Anglers need to reference the new Rules and Regulations in August to familiarize themselves with Game Zones and any changes.

There are some tags/licenses/permits required for specific privileges not covered under the senior license. DNR encourages people to pick up the new regulations locally from license sales agents at retail stores and DNR field offices statewide in August. For questions regarding hunting and fishing licenses call (803) 734-3833 in Columbia.

Hunting and fishing license fees for the 2010-2011 season are on the DNR Web site.

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